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VDatum Enhancements

VDatum is a software tool developed by the National Ocean Service that allows users to transform geospatial data among a variety of geoidal, ellipsoidal, and tidal vertical datums.  The VDatum software can be applied to a single point location or to a batch data file.  The goal is to develop a seamless nationwide VDatum utility that will facilitate more effective sharing of vertical data and also complement a vision of linking such data through national databases. Future plans for improving VDatum and its use are outlined in more detail below.
Additional information is available in the VDatum Manual.

Present VDatum Tool Availability

Map of US showing current VDatum availability.

Software Improvements
The Geoid03 model was added as an optional geoid model to the previous Geoid99 model. Menu options were also adjusted to be more user-friendly, and the number of points that the software can handle was increased. Some of the improved menu options include a more flexible input file format, the ability to select new regions of interest without restarting the program, and the ability to input a location in UTM coordinates.

Original Software Interface:

Computer screen capture showing the original VDatum software interface.

Improvements with the New Software Interface:

Improvements with new software interface: 'choose region w/o rerunning executable; key field is optional, 2003 geod model added; lat,long or utm.

Other VDatum Enhancements Being Investigated

Currently in Development

  • Methods to validate VDatum tool
  • Methods to extend uncertainty away from water level stations
  • Supplying FGDC- and ISO-compliant metadata
  • Evaluating extending VDatum tidal datums further inland
  • Maintenance incorporating tidal datum epoch, geoid, and ellipsoid updates

Possible Future Enhancements

  • New Web-based tools for interacting with VDatum results
  • Improvements to downloadable software

Click here for the VDatum tool and VDatum information!

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