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Regional Navigation Managers
Navigation Managers LT Ryan Wartick Kyle Ward Currently Vacant Tim Osborn Alan Bunn Lt. Bart Buesseler Jeff Ferguson Tom Loeper Steve Soherr Lt. David Vejar Crescent Moegling LT Ryan Wartick Currently Vacant Crescent Moegling Steve Soherr Kyle Ward Tom Loeper LT David Vejar Alan Bunn Lt. Bart Buesseler Jeff Ferguson Tim Osborn

Contact your region’s Navigation Manager if you:

  • need expert navigation preparation and response information for severe weather or hurricane preparedness and post-storm response
  • know of a danger to navigation that should be charted
  • need experienced assistance in navigational project coordination
  • want NOAA at your Harbor Safety Committee meeting, or other maritime-related conference or workshop
  • require more information about NOAA’s latest navigation technologies
  • are looking for objective information on hardware and software products for safe navigation and homeland security
  • have an idea for a new navigation product that would improve safety, efficiency, or value for the marine economy
  • need advice to resolve navigational problems
  • have a concern about a NOAA nautical chart or data

NOAA’s navigation managers, stationed strategically in port areas along U.S. coasts and Great Lakes, work directly with pilots, mariners, port authorities, and recreational boaters. They help identify navigational challenges facing the marine transportation system, and provide the resources and services that promote safe and efficient navigation.

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