NOAA 50th Anniversary
Office of Coast Survey
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce

December 2, 2020

Hi everyone,

As I logged onto my computer and reviewed my calendar on Monday morning after Thanksgiving weekend, I realized that there is a lot going on in the month of December. The activities, meetings, and events seem to carry a common theme…”caring.”

Caring for our mission...
As 2021 fast approaches and with the many changes that lie ahead, Coast Survey leadership will attend a retreat in mid-December to focus on our office’s roadmap goals, budget, priorities, and how we will best fulfill our mission next year. Our navigation managers will be meeting to discuss engagement strategies and Coast Survey’s role at the regional and local levels. And I know all of you will be focusing on important projects as we look ahead to next year.

Caring for others...
This week you received an email from Dr. Neil Jacobs reminding us that the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is underway. The CFC is the world’s leading and most successful annual giving campaign in the workplace. With hundreds of charities in the program, there is something for everyone. 2020 has been quite a year and there are many out there that need your support.

Caring for ourselves...
Perhaps most importantly, December is a good time to check in with ourselves. Just coming off Thanksgiving break reminded me that the holidays this year will be much different than last. Join us this Friday, December 4, from 1:30-2:00 p.m. EST, for a discussion on behavioral health and COVID-19 with Cmdr. KJ Green (OMAO), U.S. Health Service. You can add this event to your calendar.

And don’t forget to have fun...
Have you had the opportunity to see who signed the 2020 Coast Survey Thanksgiving card? Take a look and see what your colleagues are thankful for. Coast Survey’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee has also organized several fun winter activities to engage in virtually with your coworkers this month. I’m personally looking forward to seeing the results of the “Nail’d It or Fail’d It” competition. Thank you to Amanda Phelps for leading the charge in putting these activities together.

Rear Admiral Shepard M. Smith Director, Office of Coast Survey