Office of Coast Survey
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce

March 13, 2019

Greetings Coast Survey,

As announced at the recent Coast Survey all-hands meeting, our Marine Chart Division (MCD) is making organizational changes to be positioned to support the production and distribution of products to support Precision Navigation. In addition, the changes will provide additional resources to the development of improved workflows and source registration in the Nautical Charting System II, our production system for electronic navigational charts (ENC) and future products. Finally, these changes will also ensure that charting policy is aligned with these new products and workflows.

The existing Chart Standards Group and the Formatting and Distribution System Branch will be combined into the new Cartographic Support Branch, led by Dr. Shachak Pe'eri. MCD welcomes Erick DiFiore and Georgios Britzolakis from the Geospatial Applications Development Branch in the Coast Survey Development Lab (CSDL) to the new effort as well. Their expertise will really help the new team develop an efficient production system that will serve us into the future.

The branch has four 'portfolios' of related projects, each with a portfolio manager who is responsible for project management and coordination of the projects in their portfolio. The portfolio managers are:

Mei-Ling Freeman: Production Systems
Sean Legeer: Product Distribution
John Macek: Charting Policy
Craig Winn: HD Charts

So that he can take on managing developing the new HD Charts product, Craig Winn is vacating the branch chief position in Product Branch G and Lt. Cmdr. William Winner will serve as the new branch chief.

We are excited about the projects and improvements that the new branch will be implementing and greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and professionalism during this transition.

Mike Brown
Deputy Chief, Marine Chart Division