Office of Coast Survey
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce

September 13, 2017

Hello Coast Survey,

In the last few weeks we have seen two record breaking hurricanes make landfall in the South, both of which have required our expertise in underwater detection. After Hurricane Harvey, we surveyed in the Corpus Christi, Matagorda, and Houston/Galveston areas. Survey operations in response to Hurricane Irma are complete in the port of Miami and are ongoing in Tampa Bay, FL. NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson is currently transiting to Savannah, Georgia.

I want to thank all of those involved in these hurricane response efforts, and there are a lot of you—including the navigation response teams, navigation managers, and the leadership and staff at Coast Survey headquarters coordinating logistics. It is not easy transitioning from one hurricane response to another and you are all doing a tremendous job. Your commitment continues to impress me, but does not surprise me, as I know you are dedicated to our mission and to the communities affected by these hurricanes.

You are what makes Coast Survey, and NOAA, a great place to work.

Rear Admiral Shepard M. Smith
Rear Admiral Shepard M. Smith