Office of Coast Survey
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce

June 20, 2018

Hello Coast Survey,

Hydrography is a science we care deeply about at Coast Survey. This week we are celebrating World Hydrography Day that falls on Thursday, June 21. We are taking the week to share stories, employee profiles, and other facts about the science behind our work. Here are a few highlights:

  • From seaports to the deep blue sea, bathymetry matters on many scales
  • Coast Survey spotlight: Meet Starla Robinson
  • Bathymetric data sources infographic

  • Check back on our website to see new content added daily this week! Also, follow our World Hydrography Day Reddit “Ask Us Anything” as Lt. Cmdr. Sam Greenaway and I answer the public’s questions on how (and why) NOAA maps the seafloor.

    Thank you for your dedication to hydrography.

    Rear Admiral Shepard M. Smith
    Rear Admiral Shepard M. Smith
    Director, Office of Coast Survey