HSRP Meeting Charleston, South Carolina, September 16 - 18, 2014

Meeting: HSRP Public Meeting
Location: Courtyard Marriott
125 Calhoun Street
Charleston, SC 29401
Tel: (843) 805-7900
Date/Time: September 16-18, 2014
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Documents: 2013 South Carolina Port Guide.pdf
2013 State of the Port Address Charleston.pdf

Jim Newsome, President & CEO, South Carolina Ports Authority (Video)
Reference Materials and Links: AAPA Maritime Information Infrastructure.pdf
USCG 2014 Report on Navigation Public "Listening" Sessions.ppt "Failure to Act" - American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) report including seaports
Future Nearshore Processes Research.pdf
Speaker Bios:
Dr. Clark Alexander
Captain John Cameron
Margaret Davidson
Larry Dorminy
Nicole Elko
Dr. Gary Jeffress
Lt Col John Litz
Barbara Melvin
Patrick Moore
Jim Newsome
Brad Pickel
Captain Ric Rodriguez
Dr. Leslie Sautter
Miki Schmidt
David Warren
Matt Wellslager

September 16, 2014

Opening Remarks
National Ocean Service Priorities: Coastal Intelligence and Resilience in the Southeast U.S., Russell Callender, Ph.D. Deputy Assistant Administrator NOAA’s National Ocean Service

Keynote Address
Mr. Jim Newsome, President and CEO, South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Perspective,
Lt. Col. John T. Litz, United States Army Corps of Engineers

Luncheon Speaker
Dr. Leslie Sautter, Geology Professor, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, College of Charleston

September 17, 2014

Port & Harbor Expansion Speaker Panel
Charleston Port Expansion, Future Growth & Economic Impacts, Byron Miller, South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA)
Overview of Post 45 “Harbor Expansion” Project, Mr. Brian Williams, Chief of Programs, United States Army Corps of Engineers
eHydro Software Local Perspective, Philip Wolf, Chief, Spatial Data Branch & Justin West, Cartographic Technician, Spatial Data Branch
Navigation Update from the Charleston Branch Pilots, Mr. John Cameron, Executive Director, Charleston Branch Pilots Association

Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway & Recreational Boating Speaker Panel
Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Update for Charleston District, Mr. David Warren,PE/PM, USACE Charleston District
Commercial & Recreational Intracoastal Waterway Interests, Mr. Brad Pickel, Executive Director, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association
New Coastal & Estuarine Surveying for Recreational Boating Safety and Coastal Resource Management, Dr. Clark Alexander, Jr., Professor, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Geospatial Modeling & Coastal Resilience Speaker Panel
Coastal Monuments & Beach Profiles, Mr. Matt Wellslager, Chief, South Carolina Geodetic Survey
Resilient Coastal Systems & Community Planning, Dr. Nicole Elko, Coastal Geologist, Executive Committee on the American Shore & Beach Preservation (ASBPA)
Coastal Resilience in South Carolina, Mr. Patrick Moore, Environmental Stewardship Manager, South Carolina Ports Authority
CSC Briefing on Shoreline, Inundation & Sea Level Rise Modeling and Visualization Tools, Mr. Nicholas “Miki” Schmidt, Chief, Coastal Geospatial Services Division, NOAA Coastal Services Center

Luncheon Speaker
Ms. Margaret Davidson, NOAA Senior Advisor for Coastal Inundation and Resilience

Mean Sea Level Tidal Datums & Mapping for Coastal Flooding and to Address FEMA Flood Insurance Rates Along the US Coast,
Dr. Gary Jeffress, HSRP

September 18, 2014

NOAA/NOS Congressional & Budget Update,
Dr. Paul Bradley, NOS Policy, Planning & Analysis Division

NOAA Navigation Services Office Updates
A New Way of Doing Business, RDML Gerd F. Glang, Director, Office of Coast Survey
CO-OPS Outreach to Local Maritime Communities, Richard Edwing, Director, NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services
National Geodetic Survey Program Update, Ms. Juliana Blackwell, National Geodetic Survey

Webinar Audio: 2014-09-16 Webinar.wmv
2014-09-17 Webinar.wmv
2014-09-17 Webinar.wmv
2014-09-18 Webinar.wmv
Transcripts: Day 1: Transcript:
HSRP Charleston Sept 16 2014 transcript.docx
HSRP Charleston Sept 16 2014 transcript.pdf

Day 2: Transcript:
HSRP Charleston Sept 17 2014 transcript.docx
HSRP Charleston Sept 17 2014 transcript.pdf

Day 3: Transcript:
HSRP Charleston Sept 18 2014 transcript.docx
HSRP Charleston Sept 18 2014 transcript.pdf
Committee Letter: December 9, 2014.pdf
NOAA Response: NOAA Response to HSRP Charleston 24 February 2015.pdf
Summary: HSRP Summary Report Charleston Sept 16-19 2014.pdf
Addendum HSRP Charleston Summary Report for Sept18 2014.pdf

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