Latest Editions

A weekly update of edition numbers and information about current versions of NOAA nautical products

Find Out if You Have the Latest Editions of NOAA Nautical Products

Coast Survey provides publication information for all of NOAA's raster nautical chart products (paper nautical charts, NOAA RNC®, full-size nautical charts, and Booklet Charts™), as well as for the U.S. Coast Pilot® and other NOAA nautical products. The lists below include the edition number and date of the latest version of each product and additional information. The lists are updated weekly.

Raster Charts

An online listing that may be sorted by chart number or by most recently published new edition. It also provides links to the NOAA nautical chart viewer for each chart.

Raster charts, U.S. Coast Pilot, and other products (PDF)

A printer-friendly PDF listing that is sorted by chart number. It provides links to full-size PDF versions of each chart. It also lists the latest edition of the U.S. Coast Pilot, U.S. Chart No. 1, Distances between U.S. Ports, and other special purpose charts.

Product catalog of PDF raster charts (XLS)

A spreadsheet "product catalog" that provides the same data found in the other lists, as well as additional information, such as the PDF file size and the physical dimensions of the chart if plotted at full scale.

U.S. Coast Pilot®

he Coast Pilot page provides the current year and edition number for each of the nine volumes of the U.S. Coast Pilot. Links to the PDF versions of each volume and the anticipated month and year of the next edition are also provided.