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Coast Survey uses nautical charting data to produce GIS-friendly products for a world of uses outside of navigation. Find the product or service that supports your application.

NOAA’s ENC Direct to GIS allows users to display, query, and download all available base editions of NOAA ENC® data in a variety of GIS/CAD formats, using web mapping service technology. Nautical chart features contained within a NOAA ENC provide a detailed representation of the U.S. coastal and marine environment. The data, updated weekly, is organized using S-57 object classes. Features in a single NOAA ENC are limited in that they only represent the geographic region that is depicted in that particular NOAA ENC cell. By aggregating nautical features from all NOAA ENC in the creation of GIS data, a continuous depiction of the U.S. coastal and marine environment is achieved.

In addition, three specific theme layers can be viewed or obtained for the entire United States. These standardized data sets are based on several Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.

Map Services and Data Downloads – ENC Direct Theme Layers

Title ArcGIS Viewer REST Service Web Map Service KML Shapefile Metadata
Coastal Maintained Channels icon icon icon icon icon icon
U.S. Maritime Limits & Boundaries icon icon icon icon icon icon
Shipping Lanes and Regulations icon icon icon icon icon icon

ENC Direct to GIS DOES NOT meet USCG chart carriage requirements for commercial vessels.

NOAA’s Seamless Raster Navigational Chart Services incorporate NOAA RNCs® into a unified collarless mosaic, which displays only those charts appropriate for the viewing scale and map extent requested.

Seamless RNC provides some additional functionality, such as:

  • the ability to view RNCs using Google Earth and Esri’s Arc Globe
  • full query and filter capability
  • up-to-date chart footprints
  • Collarless GeoTiffs

Seamless RNC is available in a number of formats, including KMZ and REST services in a wide range of OGC and industry-standard connections: WMS, WCS, REST ImageServer, REST MapServer and JSON.

Viewing charts in Google Earth

Seamless RNC provides the ability use Google Earth to view NOAA RNCs, chart outlines, metadata, and Notice to Mariner information by downloading a KMZ file.

Once the KMZ file is opened in Google Earth, individual charts can be found in the “Data” folder of the relevant chart scale range in the Places list or by clicking the magnifying glass below the list and entering the name of the chart. Chart information can be accessed by double clicking on a specific chart to zoom to its location and then clicking on the chart outline. You also have the option to view an overlay of the chart directly in Google Earth.

Finding a chart in Google Earth

Finding a chart in Google Earth

Viewing a collarless overlay of chart 11507_3

Viewing a collarless overlay of chart 11507_3

Map Services and Data Downloads

Title ArcGIS Viewer REST Service ArcMap Layer Web Map Service KMZ Metadata
Seamless RNC icon icon icon icon icon icon

Seamless RNC service DOES NOT meet USCG chart carriage requirements for commercial vessels.

The NOAA Seamless RNC Services will be shut down on Jan 1, 2022.

This action is part of the program to sunset all raster chart products. More information about the shutdown of these three RNC Services is on the "Coast Survey to shut down the Raster Navigational Chart Tile Service and other related services" blog post.

NOAA Electronic Navigation Chart (ENC) Online Viewer

The NOAA ENC Online viewer provides features that can be leveraged in various GIS and OGC WMS compliant applications. ENC Online highlights many of the following features.

Users who want to display NOAA ENC Online as a backdrop for GIS applications should use:

Esri REST Service
OGC WMS 1.3 Compatible

Please note that certain functionality, such as identify and search, may not be supported by other GIS applications.

Coast Survey provides a set of six IENC overlay files for the Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease blocks. The overlays provide coverage that extends beyond the traditional lease block charts and includes all oil and gas lease blocks within the Gulf of Mexico. The overlays are compiled in the inland electronic navigational chart (IENC) format and require users to have an electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) or electronic chart system (ECS) that can ingest and display this specific format.

The lease block overlays were created from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Gulf of Mexico geographic mapping data (BOEM). The overlays do not constitute the legal boundaries of the official lease blocks and are for situational awareness only. The authoritative Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease block boundaries are in BOEM's appropriate leasing map or official protraction diagram.

Revised: 9/19/2019