Regulations and Policies


Authorizing Statutes

An Act to provide for surveying the coasts

This initial legislation led to the formation of the United States Coast Survey.

[Act of Feb. 10, 1807, Sess. II, ch. 8, 2 Stat. 413-14 (1807)]

Coast and Geodetic Survey Act of 1947

Under this act, NOAA is required to provide nautical charts and products for safe maritime commerce and navigation.

Hydrographic Service Improvement Acts of 1998/2002/2008

These Acts reiterate purpose and authorize increased funding for NOAA's navigation services

Title 33 of Code of Federal Regulations

Provides that NOAA nautical charts, U.S. Coast Pilots, tidal and current information must be carried on all self-propelled vessels, including passenger vessels, > than 1600 gross tons

Ocean and Coastal Mapping Integration Act (2009)

Calls for coordinated and comprehensive ocean and coastal mapping across the federal government; gives NOAA a lead role in integrating mapping efforts with federal, state and local governments, and private sector partners.

Environmental Acts

Environmental Compliance

Additional Guidance and Resources

NOAA - Coast Guard Cooperative Maritime Strategy