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How to obtain NOAA ENC-based paper nautical charts, January 20, 2020

Recently, NOAA announced the start of a five-year process to end traditional paper nautical chart production. While NOAA is sunsetting its traditional nautical chart products, it is undertaking a major effort to improve the data consistency and provide larger scale coverage within its electronic navigational chart (NOAA ENC®) product suite. Over the next five years, NOAA will work to ease the transition to ENC-based products, such as providing access to paper chart products based on ENC data. The online NOAA Custom Chart prototype application enables users to create their own charts from the latest NOAA ENC data. Users may define the scale and paper size of custom-made nautical charts centered on a position of their choosing. Users may then download, view, and print the output. The application is an easy way to create a paper or digital backup for electronic chart systems.

This webcast provides an overview of the sunsetting process and a live demonstration of the NOAA Custom Chart prototype, including a discussion of the improvements that are planned for the prototype. Comments may be submitted through NOAA’s online ASSIST feedback tool.

About the Presenters

Capt. Chris van Westendorp

Capt. Chris van Westendorp is the chief of NOAA Office of Coast Survey's Navigation Services Division.

Colby Harmon

Colby Harmon is a cartographer and project manager in NOAA Office of Coast Survey's Marine Chart Division.

S-100 for System Implementers, June 19, 2019

This presentation describes the S-100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model and what navigation system developers need to know in order to implement various S-100 based product specifications. It also focuses on what NOAA is specifically working on in the S-100 product development space for S-111 surface currents. The key areas that are addressed include:

  • S-100 data model and what developers need to know
  • S-98 – S-100 interoperability specification
  • S-111 surface current implementation

About the Presenters

Julia Powell

Julia Powell is the deputy director of NOAA’s Coast Survey Development Lab and the chair of the International Hydrographic Organization’s S-100 Working Group.

Neil Weston

Dr. Neil Weston is the technical director for NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey.

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