Standards and Requirements

Hydrographic Surveys Specifications and Deliverables

Hydrographic Surveys Specifications and Deliverables details the requirements for hydrographic surveys undertaken either by NOAA field units or by organizations under contract to the NOAA.

Horizontal control antennas set up to transmit data in AlaskaHorizontal control antennas set up to transmit data in Alaska

These specifications are based in part on the International Hydrographic Organization's Standards for Hydrographic Surveys, Special Publication 44. The 2019 edition includes new specifications and changes made since the 2018 version. Those who acquire hydrographic survey data in accordance with NOAA specifications should use the current version.

These specifications define standards and requirements on the following topics:

  • Horizontal and vertical position uncertainty
  • Tides and water levels requirements
  • Coverage and resolution requirements for multibeam, singlebeam, side scan, and lidar data
  • Features
  • Required field reporting

Schemas for generating XML Descriptive Reports are available: 2022 XML Schema v1.0

Field Procedures Manual

The Field Procedures Manual provides best practices and standard operating procedures for field units conducting, processing, and generating hydrographic survey deliverables. These guidelines help field units meet specifications delineated in the NOAA Hydrographic Surveys Specifications and Deliverables.

NOAA Scientist analyzing data while surveying on the NOAA Ship Ferdinand HasslerNOAA Scientist analyzing data while surveying on the NOAA Ship Ferdinand Hassler.

Topics include:

  • System preparation and maintenance, including annual readiness review and periodic quality assurance of hardware and software systems
  • Survey planning, including safety considerations and project instructions
  • Data acquisition, including sonar, horizontal and vertical control, and ancillary data.
  • Data analysis, including software configuration and standard processing steps
  • The most current version is February 2021. The plan for future updates will be on an annual basis along with the Hydrographic Specifications and Deliverables

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Hydrographic Manual

The historic National Ocean Survey Hydrographic Manual, Fourth Edition (1976), has been superseded by the NOS Hydrographic Surveys Specifications and Deliverables and the Field Procedures Manual. It is provided here for historical reference.