NOAA wants to learn from you

Coast Survey is in a constant conversation with chart users, marine electronics firms, and maritime officials, listening to the ideas and observations of the people we serve. We want to hear from you!
There are several ways to make a request or suggest an improvement to Coast Survey’s navigational products. You can let us know about a chart discrepancy. You can ask a question online, or call us at 888-990-6622. You can meet with one of our regional navigation managers who are stationed around the U.S. coasts. Or, you can get involved through the Hydrographic Services Review Panel, a federal committee – with public members – who interact with NOAA experts and advise the NOAA administrator.

There are two opportunities coming up for HSRP involvement

JOIN US AT THE NEXT MEETING – The panel meets twice a year to examine navigational and geodetic challenges in specific U.S. regions. In April, they will meet in Seattle, and will hear directly from Pacific Northwest maritime industry representatives, governmental agencies, academics, and recreational boater groups. The two-day meeting will be held on April 18-20, and is open to the public.
The meeting agenda has time set aside every day for public comments in an open forum. If you cannot be there in person, you may sign up to participate in the webcast. You may want to provide written comments in advance (email to, or you can comment using the chat or questions function during the webinar.
APPLY TO JOIN THE PANEL – People who attend panel meetings, and particularly those who have worked with NOAA’s navigation products, know the importance of offering their expertise, time, and experience to discussions about product improvements. These people (and you!) can apply to join the Hydrographic Services Review Panel. Applications are being accepted until May 30. The Federal Register Notice tells you all about it.

Why get involved in the HSRP?

The perspectives of the people who depend on NOAA maritime products – especially for safety or commercial efficiency – are essential to planning improvements of NOAA’s navigational data, services, and products. As we determine future priorities, the Hydrographic Services Review Panel is a vital part of our information gathering process. Panel members have a wide range of expertise and experience, and so the HSRP can bring a diverse set of opinions to NOAA’s decision-making process.

We want to learn from you.

Maybe you would like to join the HSRP for an extended involvement in a range of issues. On the other hand, you may have a particular issue that you would like to bring to the panel’s attention, or you just have a question that one of Coast Survey’s experts can answer. We hope you’ll join in the HSRP’s conversation, in person or via the webinar, in April.
Whether your maritime experience comes from steering a vessel with a paper chart, or setting your course with the next generation of navigation products, we look forward to hearing from you.

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